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Lakeshore Inn Restaurant & Bar

Lakeshore Inn Resort is proud to bring you homemade food with amazing view of Shasta Lake. Our ingredients are locally sourced, we visit Julia's Fruit Stand weekly to collect our produce, and local butcher R&R for our meats. ALL our food is made from scratch and made to order; you'll find no prepackaged frozen food here. This does mean our food takes longer to cook, and we appreciate your patience. If you're looking for something quick, we may not be the place for you. But if you're looking for hand crafted and locally sourced food, come on down!

We don't mean to make you hungry... but check out some of what we do at our onsite restaurant & bar! 


Monday thru Thursday:

8am to 12pm - Breakfast

12pm to 4pm - Cold Sandwiches ONLY

4pm to 9pm - Dinner

Friday & Saturday

8am to 12pm - Breakfast

12pm to 12am - Lunch & Dinner


8am to 12pm - Breakfast

12pm to 9pm - Lunch & Dinner

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